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We are selling diferents kind of cruises from diferents cruises company :

VARIETY CRUISES: Variety cruises proposes cruises in destination of Adriatic, Greece, Caribbean, Indonesia, west Africa and all others places in the world. All their small ships offer ocean view cabins ans 360 degrees unobstructed views of the wonders of nature and splenduors of the destinations visited.

MSC CRUISES: cruises of the italian agency MSC cruises is the most important private cruises company in the zorld and deserve all the world part thanks to its 16 boats : south Africa, then south and north america... on board of these boats, it's possible to take time to relax, to take care of yourself and to discover. MSC as our DMC, defend sustanaible development, envrionneñent respect, health, and security : they win the "6 golden pearls2"

ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL: completing their name boat with the expression "of the seas", they seem to be The luxury and confident cruises company. they propose destination of various number of  nights to the Mediterranean, Greek Islands, North Europe, Caribbean, Asia...

GO GALAPAGOS: with its 3 boats, Go galapagos proposes some cruises for duration of 3, 4, 7 or 14 nights.they offer spacious decks , comfortable lounging areas and a wide variety of cabin and suites being responsible and having an ethical treatment towards the fragile envrionnement in which they operate. Go Galapagos proposes estinations as all the Islands including in the price full board, two excursions a day with optional activites.


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