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Why you should send your group to Córdoba?

- Because its a magical city

- It has the only church mosque in the world

- Spectacular horse show

- One of the biggest guitar festivals in the world

- Wonderful hammams, Arabic baths

- It’s the soul of Andalucia

The Muslims heritage is one of Spain’s most excited cities that for about 1000 years ago was one of the biggest and most influent city in the world. Córdoba is most famous for the Cathedral Mezquita, but the city has a lot more to offer than that. Córdoba has a strong pulse and a varied entertainment with something for everyone. But the old town by the river is the “hotspot” and a place to be while visiting Córdoba. To get a glimpse into another world, another time, untouched by tourism and modern commercial forces then walk along into the east area of the Great Mosque, La Mezquita.

Here, the streets are narrow, the walls are thick, whitewashed, the doors and windows are colourful. Some of the highlights in the old town is the roman fort with a beautiful garden Alcazar de los Reyes and one of the landmarks is the square Cristo de los faroles. Córdoba is even famous for its amazing courtyard with patios. When walking around the city and you see the bars and restaurants from the outside they do not look like much. But behind most establishments hides huge and beautiful courtyards. These courtyards have its roots in Roman times and remain as cool oasis even in our days.

 Something extra 

Córdoba has a Jewish Quarter (Juderia) where Maimonides, the most famous Jewish philosopher and author of the Mishneh Torah, was born in Córdoba in 1125. A statue to his honour stands in Tiberiadus Square in the Juderia.


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